It would be useful be able to specify something like EXIT(program)
 on the SYSTRACE command, and have it pass you each unformatted 
trace record that it is going to format.  Unfortunately that function does 

not currently exist.  So scraping the formatted SYSTRACE output 
is the only way to do it, other than knowing how to find and merge 
the unformatted buffers yourself, which is non-trival, and not an 

Jim Mulder z/OS Diagnosis, Design, Development, Test  IBM Corp. 
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IBM Mainframe Discussion List <IBM-MAIN@LISTSERV.UA.EDU> wrote on 
02/19/2018 04:07:54 PM:

> From: Binyamin Dissen <>
> Date: 02/20/2018 01:36 AM
> Subject: Programmatically access the SYSTRACE data in a SVCDUMP?
> Sent by: IBM Mainframe Discussion List <IBM-MAIN@LISTSERV.UA.EDU>
> Is there a standard way that an IPCS EXEC (or program, if necessary) can
> programmatically access the SYSTRACE buffers?
> Or is the only standard option sending SYSTRACE top a dataset and then
> scraping it?
> I would like to pick out certain records and issue a WHERE on the 
address and
> then produce a report.

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