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> The IBM SDK for Node.js probably won't run on your z9BC machine, but you're
> welcome to try it. (Please let us all know.) The latest trial download is
> available here:
> https://developer.ibm.com/node/sdk/ztp/
> APAR UI46658 is surely required, so check for that.
> If you're looking for a JavaScript implementation (without Node) for a z9BC
> machine, I believe HostBridge's HB.js is compatible.

​We're not looking to run any language on our z/OS 1.12 system beyond
Enterprise COBOL 3.4. As strange as it seems, and for reasons I'm forbidden
to speak of, we are bring our "ported & outsourced" processing back onto
z/OS simply so that we can stabilise it and "port & outsource" it again in
2 to 3 years. End of my discussion on that under pain of death.

I just think that it is nice that IBM is putting some "new & better"
languages on z/OS. IMO, what is really better about these new languages is
the bundled functionality for TCP/IP, HTTP, regular expression, and so on.

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