Jousma, David wrote:

>Mark, I get all those, but are those enough to justify the cost?  TN3270 
>connections are *free*, yes there is an imposition if your sessions are 
>dropped, but how often is that occurring?   Do you still run with a session 
>manager?   I have not for over 20 years. 

We have a session manager and use it extensively, with these reasons ( selling 
points? ;-D ):

- menu driven selection
- no need to type in LOGON APPLID(???) (Yes, you can automate that commands in 
you emulators.)
- Time out is 15 minutes. Seriously. This overrides whatever timeout settings 
you have in your application.
- Better session recovery after it was dropped. It happens seldom these days, 
but it is always nice to resume it.
- automated logons, usually up to a point where passwords are entered.

>I guess I've gotten so used to just having separate windows open, and being 
>able to see the contents of multiple windows at the same time that I could not 
>imagine going back to those limitations.

Some of my clients and colleagues (especially operators) have multiple separate 
windows. Say, for example, there are several PCs with 4 of such windows each 
for managing consoles. Once a WTO or WTOR appears, it is just there immediately 
and very very visible for all to see.

But some of the clients/colleagues are using a web browser to access a 
mainframe application. Think HTTP server / WebSphere for example.

There are vendors in IBM-MAIN which also sell those emulators but you use a web 
browser ( Mozilla FF, Chrome, IE, etc.) to access a fully clickable 3270 
screen. And you can have several tabs in your browser to switch to a 3270 

If I have space on my table for multiple large monitors, then I will rather go 
for multiple windows instead of having a session manager.

So, you use it (session manager) or not. Your own decision.

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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