I've used (only) [CA-]TPX since the 80s. It's common in (somewhat) larger shops 
to use a session manager for several reasons.

1. With several LPARs, the number of required logons can balloon dramatically. 
TSO. SMCS. Omegamon. CICS. CICS alone accounts for dozens (!) of our logon 
requirements across multiple LPARs. If you truly have <10 logon requirements, 
then a session manager might not be necessary.

2. We manage a full function DR environment, which nearly doubles the number of 
required logons during testing. With TPX, we log our emulator on only once to 
the production network and once to the DR network. This amplifies the argument 
in (1). 

3. TPX offers a component to facilitate changing passwords. Assuming that a 
user maintains the same password across all logons, by changing the password 
just once at TPX logon, then logging on successively to all supported sessions 
will update the password on each. One minute to update and synchronize all 

4. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all, TPX itself holds all sessions 
regardless of the status of your emulator. Of course Windows is more reliable 
than it used to be, but it still falls far short of mainframe RAS. The more 
active sessions you have open, the more you'll appreciate not having to log 
back on to each of them and redo lost work. 

I've heard that are cheaper session managers that some folks seem to like a 
lot. I imagine that they all provide for (1), (2), and (4) above. BTW as others 
have noted, your LPARs *must* be connected via whatever supports SNA to the 
LPAR where the session manager runs. For us, that's the 'CMC'. You could run 
multiple instances of a session manager, but that dilutes the effectiveness and 
might raise license cost. 

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The system I am talking about has 4 LPARs I need at least:
1 session for TSO/ISPF
2 Session for Omegamon - might need to have more.

So that is already 8 sessions. For each of those, I have to be sure I'm working 
on the right system.
This is my main cause for getting a session manager. Making sure I am working 
to the system I mean to be working on.


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Isn't the idea of a session manager kinda fading into the sunset?   These were 
popular back in the days of coax attached 3270 terminals, but these days, 
having as many emulator windows open on your workstation is easier?

Not criticizing, just curious on the need I guess.

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I am looking for recommendations for a session manager for z/OS.

I know of IBM's CL/SupperSession, CA's TPX and NetPass.

Ideally, We are looking for something that would be able to access sessions on 
multiple partitions that are not connected in any way.

The systems run z/OS v2.2



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