Screen size from host is determined by LOGMODE. If you can get to SDSF do a WHO 
command and it will show what you're being dealt. What you need is a LOGMODE 
with Query Bit on in PSERVIC. If it's allowed can do ===>LOGON 
applid(SES_MGR_APPLID) LOGMOD(D4B32xx) (I think that's a good one).

In a message dated 3/13/2018 3:19:27 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

Among the Session Managers I can use here, if I access using my favourite 
screen size 62x140 (which TSO/ISPF has no issue with), the Session Manager 
drops to Model-2 24x80. Possibly a constraint by product administrators. Even 
if I access using 62x160, a valid size for HOD emulator, it still drops to 

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