If your session manager can only do 24x80, then I hope it's free, because
it's almost worthless.  Lacking much information, my guess is that it's an
admin problem.  I was a systems programmer long ago, and supported VTAM,
TPX and NetView.  >20 years ago they had no issue with any screen size
(inc. e.g. 48 x 120, one I liked).


On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 4:18 AM, Bruce Hewson <bruce_hew...@hotmail.com>

> Hello Shmuel,
> Among the Session Managers I can use here, if I access using my favourite
> screen size 62x140 (which TSO/ISPF has no issue with), the Session Manager
> drops to Model-2 24x80. Possibly a constraint by product administrators.
> Even if I access using 62x160, a valid size for HOD emulator, it still
> drops to 24x80.

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