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Hello. We are in the process to separate our current SYSPLEX in two : 
1. for the production 
2. for the dev/qualifications. 

A. Can we use an unique TWS controller to Schedule jobs on two ? 
B. Can we use RACF RRSF to propagate our pwd over IP between them ? 
C. Can we share dasd (write one side at a time, not pdse) with GRS (not MIM) ? 

Many Thank's 


A.  Yes, but there are recovery considerations.  Have a look at,-all-the-time/
B.  Yes, but there are operational differences.  Have a look at
C.  That's a nuanced question.  Can you share DASD between sysplexes?  Sure.  
Can you count on the data on the DASD being maintained with integrity with only 
GRS, probably not.  Without something like MIM, you will need to use some other 
form of serialization that spans the sysplexes.  The only thing I'm aware of is 
to use hardware RESERVE/RELEASE, which is fraught with its own set of 
management issues.  You can search this group for probably dozens of 
discussions on the advantages/disadvantages of a hardware vs. software solution.

Do you have a need to share tapes and tape drives?  Another set of things to 
think about

Scott Fagen
CPO - 21st Century Software

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