Timothy Sipples wrote:
I probably should have also mentioned that z/OS Management Facility
(z/OSMF) provides REST APIs for such tasks as provisioning services,
submitting jobs, console interface services, and much more. z/OSMF is a no
additional charge feature in the base z/OS operating system, and it's now
(in z/OS 2.3) started automatically at IPL. More details are available here
(z/OS 2.3 link):

Just so nobody tries to order z/OSMF...

z/OSMF is a base element of z/OS starting with z/OS V2.2, not an orderable feature. You will (or did) get it as part of z/OS itself.

Before z/OS V2.2, z/OSMF was a separate priced product with a price of zero dollars per value unit and the same price for support. ("Priced" at zero dollars/pounds/yen/euros, etc.? Yup. You can't make some things up, but that's how our systems work.)

As Timothy says, it has a variety of REST APIs. One he didn't mention is the file and data set API that some might find useful. Also these APIs are pretty rich, functionally. For example, the jobs API lets you submit jobs, check their status, and retrieve their output--all from a browser-based application if you'd like. We also added Cloud Provisioning support during z/OS V2.2 so you can set up templates that allow authorized people (like application developers) to instantiate and tear down their own CICS AORs, DB2 data bases, MQ connections, and such.

It's worth mentioning that we added e-mail notifications from JCL on JES2 systems in z/OS V2.3. (I always threatened to put the z/OSMF architect's e-mail address in the examples.)

John Eells
IBM Poughkeepsie

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