Has anyone else gotten frustrated when opened an IBM Service Request in having 
to select the Operating System, which should have been automatic after 
selecting the Product and the applicable operating system release level?

For example, I just opened a SR to ICSF. I had to select the ICSF 
Version/Release. Then I had to select the level of z/OS. Shouldn't that have 
pre-populated the Operating System box?

Am I the only one to see this user interface disconnect?

I realize the SR's are for products that are across multiple operating systems 
and platforms and that a product may be available on multiple platforms BUT if 
the product selection includes selecting the operating system level then why 
not use that info to fill in the Operating System box?

Lionel B. Dyck (Contractor)  <sdg><
Mainframe Systems Programmer - RavenTek Solution Partners

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