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>Can you explain why pages have to move? 
>In the huge IBM website, the only way to keep interesting pages at hand, once 
>you finally found them, is b.m.o. bookmarks, favorites etc. 
>However it is always only a matter of time (10 or 20 months or so) until the 
>link breaks, because the page has been moved and I must start again to try to 
>find is. 
>I am lucky to read your post, so I can store the new URL, but most of the time 
>I had to find out the hard way.


I wish I could explain it.  Servers get consolidated, code repositories get 
sunset, and then the site owners have to find a new home.  I'm a z/OS developer 
by trade and only an occasional web developer, so I'm not part of the ibm.com 
web management organization and wasn't involved in the decision to move.  I'm 
afraid I can't explain the factors that went into this or previous decisions.  
When sites do move, however, we normally establish redirects so that requests 
directed to the old URLs can be rerouted transparently to the new site.  
Unfortunately, this transition caught me by surprise so the redirects are still 
working their way through the approval process.  But I'll be working on getting 
the various publications and websites that point to CFSizer updated with the 
new URL.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Bill Neiman
Parallel Sysplex development

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