Kees, there used to be an IBM techdoc article where IBM admitted that their 
search capabilities suck. The suggestion in the article was to use google with 
a tag. Not sure if the article is still there. 
I did a google search on "cfsizer" and the first hit seems to be 
what you would expect. 


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Communication is not really the solution here. If every url in the IBM site 
that was changed would be communicated to me, I would be flooded and I would 
direct them immediately to the spam box. And by the time I needed the cfsizer 
url-change info, I am sure I will not be able to find it anymore.

For fun, I tried to find cfsizer, as if I had a non-working link.

I went to IBM.COM and for speed I typed cfsizer in the search box. I got *300* 
Hoping that they were ordered on relevance, I went to the first hit about Z 
mainframes, but it did not even contain the word "cfsizer". How did this come 
up in the answers, this is not Facebook, is it, knowing better than I do myself 
what I want to see.
Then second was a cfsizer APAR.
The third was a problem about ReporterPLUS (what is that), but again no text 
"cfsizer" on the page.
Etc. since I had other things to do too today, I stopped after two pages of 
results, but I had not found cfsizer yet.

Then, on the IBM.COM site I went to 'Support', although it did was not the 
first obvious selection in my opinion. In that search box I typed cfsizer and 
this gave 490 results, all of them more or less related to cfsizer, but as far 
as I could see, no link to *the* cfsizer page.

That's the problem, if you have a huge, complex site like IBM, make it at least 
well accessible. Each time I found a page, I store it in my favorites, so I can 
find it back easily. Each time I have a broken link on the IBM site, I am sure 
this will cost me a lot of time to find the new one or I must hope that a 
colleague has already found it.

Could you give me a useful way to find something (z/OS related) in IBM.COM?


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> "What we have here Luke is a failure to communicate"
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> writes:
> But I'll be working on getting the various publications and websites
> that point to CFSizer updated with the new URL. Sorry for the
> inconvenience.

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