Vernooij, Kees (ITOPT1) - KLM wrote:

>For fun, I tried to find cfsizer, as if I had a non-working link.
>I went to IBM.COM and for speed I typed cfsizer in the search box. I got *300* 
>Hoping that they were ordered on relevance, I went to the first hit about Z 
>mainframes, but it did not even contain the word "cfsizer". 

I feel your pain. Please reread my thread 'Failed searches in KC' in March 

<rant mode on>

Try searching 'FSUM7351 not found'. Go ahead. Just a list of useless links. 

I had to resolve an OMVS script issue after getting that nice FSUM message.

Or try to search for DB2 command '-set sysparm'. Good luck.

>Could you give me a useful way to find something (z/OS related) in IBM.COM?

It is somewhat hard. After searching on and not getting what I want, I 
usually open the KC site and then move on.

About that DB2 command, it took me a while to locate the KC for DB2.

<rant mode off>

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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