Paul Gilmartin wrote:

>I've searched the archives without success.  Perhaps I didn't try correct 

Since you mentioned HLASM, did you also searched Assembler-L?

>Does anyone remember a discussion here or elsewhere concerning doubled 
>ampersands in //SYSIN DD *,SYMBOLS=?

AFAIK, I believe there was a sort of discussion [ in a discussion list (but 
which one? ] about double ampersands, but can't remember if that was indeed for 


Where do you have a problem? at the SYMBOLS= statement or inside the SYSIN DD *?

>They are not collapsed to single ampersands as in other JCL contexts. 

Hmmm, interesting, could you please be kind to supply an example?

>the explanation given, perhaps by an IBM representative, was the intent to 
>cause minimum disruption to HLASM SYSIN.

How so? I am curious about that one.

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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