Paul Gilmartin wrote:

>I have, but:
>o Since I didn't know the explation involved HLASM when I asked the question,
>  it's far more likely that I''d have asked here than ASSEBLER-LIST
>o IBM's HLASM lead says that since 2003 he's seen no such discussion there.


>I'd have made the opposite design decision, but since "&&" is endemic 
>in HLASM source, IBM elected to preserve them.

Yes, I have seen that "&&". I had to be careful not to change that 
unless I want grey hairs...

>My RCF went to JES2, where development is inclined to change the behavior.

Ah, jes2, oops, yes too ;-) , JES2 has their own very complex interpreter which 
could stop any unwanted modification of that instream data. (or enforce a 
change like this famous one 'IEF648I INVALID DISP FIELD- PASS SUBSTITUTED')

I really hope you can resolve that problem. Good luck to you!

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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