On 2018-05-14 17:51, Phil Smith III wrote:
Charles wrote, in part:

I wrote a large set of applications in Rexx once. I put all of my "intended

to be global" variable names into a single Rexx variable and exposed it

Procedure Expose (Rexx_Globals)

Yep. That's one of the approaches; I've used that, also used a set of stems:




(whatever, but often segmented that way-for example, G. might be global
configuration settings; U. be user data; D. might be, well, data data!).
This strongly suggests being rigorous with tail naming: I use leading
underscores for non-variable tails:

Even better, start tail names with a number, from many of my execs:

* Global (!g.0xxxx) variables:

Robert AH Prins

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