Our senior performance person has retired.  We have a ZIIP on a Z13s.  One of 
our customers is using Adabase and some
product to make maximum use of the Ziip.   They feel that the Ziip has maxed 
out from I think messages they are getting from their product and response is 
slower.  I am getting this third hand so don't know a lot of details.  Can you 
point me
to the best place to see if Ziip is getting maxed out.   I am looking at the 
RMF Batch CPU report.  I see some % usages
for the IIP.  Also see that one Lpar (not even sure which Lpar yet they are 
talking about) seems to say its WLM capped.
I have looked at the Lpar definitions on the HMC and nothing jumps out at me.

If you have any comments I would appreciate it.  Thanks.  Jess

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