I am looking at cloning a master catalog using the RCNVTCAT program.  The 
intent is to use the NEW master catalog going forward. The NEW master 
catalog will be defined to be shared and have symbols defined for using 
indirect cataloging.

 I have run RCNVTCAT and it looks like it was successful. the following 
members were created.

I will be running the jobs with the idcams commands on the system of the 
master catalog that is being cloned.

After the new master catalog is defined.
 My questions
  1) is there a specific order to run the created idcams commands.
  2) do i need to allocate new PAGE datasets in the new master catalog or 
can they be 'recataloged'
  3) there are commands in the RECAT member to recatalog VVDS's. how will 
that work?  will the VVDS's then point at the new master catalog?

Andrew Arentsen
Senior Mainframe Systems Engineer
Phone: 800.242.7666 x1349

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