This reminds me of the tale I related recently about having to revive a data 
center 400 miles away after VTAM got broken in a sysres switch. It seems so 
simple to 'run a job to rename a data set'. But if you cannot logon to a 
system, how will that job get submitted? If you are clever enough to have a 
mechanism like 'S JOB,JOBNAME=XXX', how will you edit up the IDCAMS control 
statements you need in job XXX? Or whatever else it would take to accomplish 
what one minute of TSO activity could achieve?

We can dismiss TSO as a simple tool with no special comic book powers. But try 
to get anything useful done without it.  

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On Wed, 11 Sep 2019 10:58:58 -0400, Bob Bridges wrote:

>LOL.  What gave me that idea is sheer, unadulterated ignorance.  I came 
>into the mainframe world through applications development.  I was given 
>a solid grounding in JCL back in the beginning of my training, decades 
>ago; to me "INTRDR" is an argument that I can include in my JCL with 
>the TSO SUBMIT command.  (Or, as someone else pointed out, using FTP.)
An alternative might be might be as simple as:
    //SYSUT2  DD    SYSOUT=(,INTRDR),...

As I follow this thread, I wonder why CICS doesn't submit batch jobs with the 
credentials of the requesting individual rather than the CICS region.

-- gil

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