Salvador Vidal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>I think that as much conflicts that can be solved without the traditional
>way: regulation + represion = burocracy + injustice, will be better for
>But on privacy questions we can try first to give technical solutions, i.e.
>ways  to follow stamped data to oversee companies behavior and then inform
>users about it automaticaly when they get in contact with these
>companies,..., well I donīt know which utilities will work, but I think is
>worthy to try some before being driven to legal solutions that only will be
>able to reapir damages not to avoid them.

I think that we are in front of the progress īs victory over the politics
's ideas.
See the advance of technology like a flood and the politics like a glass.
The humanity is really in front of the product of the knowledge of some
persons and is trying to save your houses of the flood with a small glass.
That bring an inevitable break of the actually concepts about the limits
and jurisdictions of the law.
Some countries(goverments) are afraid to lose the domain on commerce and 
in a future they will take acctions(any action!!) to regulate all in this
actually paradise of finances.

Martin Montenegro

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