I don't have an Athena.autosave (or athena.autosave), or a demeter.ini (or
Demeter.ini) as checked using "find FileName" in the terminal


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On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 7:51 AM, Bruce Ravel <> wrote:

> On 07/16/2014 10:17 AM, Jennifer Carter wrote:
>> Now when I try to run athena the software hangs on an autosave file. I
>> am unable to click either button the the pop-up menu to advance the
>> software and I get the "application not responding" error. I searched
>> for an athena.autosave file, as discussed in a previous thread about
>> this issue, but don't find one.
>> v129-22-124-229:~ jwc137$ find athena.autosave
>> find: athena.autosave: No such file or directory
> A few different sorts of answers:
> 1.  Try "find -iname athena.autosave" to search case insensitively.
>     Or try "find Athena.autosave".
> 2.  Edit (in a text editor) $HOME/.horae/demeter.ini, search for the
>     [athena] section, set 'autosave' to 'false'.
>     I don't really recommend this.  Turning off the autosave feature
>     seems like a bad idea.
> 3.  This is the second example of a dialog control hanging on the Mac.
>     The control in question this time certainly does not hang on linux
>     or Windows.  And if this control does not work, then many parts of
>     Athena and Artemis will be broken.  This dialog is used anytime
>     one of the programs needs to ask a yes/no question.  There's a lot
>     of those.
>     It's tough for me to figure out Mac-specific problems without
>     help.  I'd need a patient volunteer to help track this down.
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