Terrific, thanks. I tried pulling the new files, incorporating into rigraph, 
and recompiling, but something about my setup throws an error. I figured out a 
workaround in the meantime (import through sna, use intergraph), but glad to 
see that a patch has been committed - I'd need it to be in the official 
distribution for a class in the fall if I were to use the patch, but with the 
workaround there's no time pressure.


> On 2017-08-09, at 6:13 PM, Jannick <thirdedit...@gmx.net> wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> On Thu, 13 Jul 2017 11:43:12 -0700, Alex Montgomery wrote:
>> I've been porting some social network labs to igraph from Pajek, and I've
> run
>> up against an importing error:
>> Not sure whether this is a bug or an error due to an unimplemented part of
>> Pajek files.
> Good guess - indeed optional time intervals as given in your example are
> currently not implemented. I added them to the code and just created a pull
> request for the patch (https://github.com/igraph/igraph/pull/1023). With
> your sample data it runs through like a charm here.
> Please note that this is just the first step, because what the patch does
> not do is to process the parsed data. The implementation of that second step
> I rather leave with Támas and Gábor.
>> Thanks
>> -Alex
> HTH. Just drop a line if that works, e.g., in case the patch gets approved
> and then pushed through github. If you can manage to get the patch working
> on your machine, happy to hear if it works or not.
> Best
> J.

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