The Imail reporting batch utility that's included with the product seems to
have a problem?

When I run it, I can get sensible date for all categories (e.g., POP
logins/failures, IMAP logins/failures, SMTP connections/failures, etc) -
however, anything that's "Webmail" related provides NOT data whatsoever.

Did I miss a configuration option in Imail that causes it to NOT output the
expected log files?

Did IPswitch forgot to update this batch utility to match the current web
mail version - which leaves out a big portion of our Imail end user
activity? (If there are no plans to offer COMPLETE reporting, then those
reports should be suppressed.)

Here's what the "Webmail" portion of the reports look like:

Web Logins
Total - 0       
Occurrences     Description

Web Files
Total - 1       
Occurrences     Description
1       fix

Web Head Requests
Total - 0       
Occurrences     Description

Web Hits
Total - 1       
Occurrences     Description

Web Errors
Total - 0       
Occurrences     Description

Best Regards,
Andy Schmidt

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