We've got 3GB's in our mail server running 2003 32 bit version and it hardly
uses even 1 GB of ram so our needs weren't as great as yours apparently. We
also chose not to renew and watched release after release come out with more
and more bugs. Like anyone else running a mail server it just can't be down
especially when you upgrade. Yes, the recession is hurting everyone and it's
more important than ever to watch the overhead. I was insulted by ipswitch's
increase for SA's because there were no additional improvements in the
service we were already paying for nor have there been any since. I prefer
to do upgrades on weekends at like 4am but ipswitch isn't open so I had to
risk being down until Monday morning which is the most important morning for
email. Why have an SA if you've got imail stable and nothing new is worth
the risk of upgrading? Look how much this list has trimmed down over the
past few years? Is it because they've lost customers or because they want
everyone in the forums? Who knows but them.

I say go Smartermail and don't look back.


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In the past the "final versions" of Imail have been riddled with problems,
even after testing, release, and updates.
Additionally, there were major problems with the fact that the newer
versions, which were HTML based and required IIE to be installed on the
hosting server, required full administrative privileges to properly run.
This flies in the face of even the most basic security setup in that no
program should ever run with the software installed in such a manner that
the software has administrative, or requires administrative privileges, to
properly operate.

Finally, there were major issues with all versions of Imail running in 64
BIT operating systems.  64 bit operating systems take much more advantage of
memory utilization - allowing installation of more than 4 gig of memory, and
also allow for more efficient utilization of processors - including
off-loading of task specific operations to individual processors within the

Remember, if any of us are subject to PCI [CISP] credit card processing
compliance scanning, the addition of an Imail server on which Imail is
running with full administrative privileges, to our networks may very well
cause us to be in non-compliance of the PCI requirements as every public IP
address on any network that accepts credit cards is subject to full security
scanning.  This security scanning is intensive and typically done during the
middle of the night because it can be disruptive to networks during peak
periods.  If ANY public facing IP address is found to be out of compliance,
the merchant accepting credit cards is not certified and runs the risk of
being able to accept credit card payments of any kind.

Imail products need to run under a standard IIS installation - the same way
my customer's secure websites run

Because of the above listed items; and because of the lack of support for
products released prior to this release; along with the escalating cost of
the support contracts - raising more than 500% in a single year just 3 years
ago, we opted to not renew our support contract this past year for a product
that continues not to work properly in new technology environments.

Quite simply, we made a significant investment in both Imail, operating
system software, and server equipment, and Imail will not run properly in
the 64 bit environment we chose to embrace. 

I would be interested in hearing from other members of this group regarding
both IMail's pricing and support.  

I would also be interested in hearing from other members of this group
regarding what server operating systems they have choosen: specifically
whether they have embraced 64 bit technology.

Additionally, I would be interested in hearing from both Imail sales and
support regarding their movement towards both a better product and better

Finally, I would remind Ipswitch that small companies like us, who have the
majority of our clients in small businesses and not-for-profits, are being
squeezed significantly from the financial side.  We have lost almost 40% of
our not-for-profit clients who's budgets have shrunk by more than 75% in the
last 8 months.  Because of the financial squeeze the small businesses and
not-for-profits have dropped their web hosting, dropped their e-mail, and,
in most cases, cut their staff significantly.

I used to be an avid supporter of Ipswitch and Imail.  Now, as I keep asking
for answers I hear a deafening silence. 

Ipswitch, please respond to the group.  I don't need any more marketing
schmoozing, and I don't need any more excuses.  

If we, those of us who have chosen not to renew our Imail support contracts,
are to even begin to consider reinstating our support contract and moving to
Imail version 11, we need a product which will both support the 64 bit
operating systems and properly install and run without having to run under
full administrative privileges.  

Bruce Barnes
ChicagoNetTech Inc
Chicago IL 


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Are we going to be able to accept meeting requests from outlook in the
webmail client now?

Jason Henline wrote: 

        Hey folks,

                IMail v11 Technical Preview is now available.  If you would
like to participate, please visit http://www.imailserver.com/preview/

                If you pre-registered, you should be receiving an email
shortly with additional details.


                Jason H.

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