Hello Guys, 

First of all thanks for IMDbPY it works great. 
I have a question though and it may not be related as close to IMDbPY as it 
should be to use this mailing list, but I just can get over it. 

I wanted to play with the IMDB UNIX search programs, that can be found here: 
I was able to compile the programs, but I couldn't create the databases. 
Lots of .list files failed to convert to .data/.names/.titles files with error 
codes like these:

/usr/local/moviedb-3.24/etc/mkdb  -movie
Adding Movies List...
make[3]: *** [movies.data] Bus error

/usr/local/moviedb-3.24/etc/mkdb  -acr
Adding Actors...
mkdb: too many titles -- increase MAXTITLES
make[3]: *** [actors.data] Error 255

/usr/local/moviedb-3.24/etc/mkdb  -acs
Adding Actresses...
make[3]: *** [actresses.data] Segmentation fault
make[3]: *** Deleting file `actresses.data'

I thought this can be traced back to the stack size limit on mac os x, which is 
limited by default and can be maxed to only 64MB. 
So, I tried on Ubuntu setting the stack size to unlimited, but I ran into the 
same problem.  Tried other forums for advice, but didn't succeed.

Do you guys have any idea how to create these databases?


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