Wow, you are awesome! I was able to create the databases, although not every 
program works with every database (I can't list directors, but I can list 
actors as directors. weird...) I guess it's because the outdated programs. 
Maybe I will dig into your SQL version. 
Thanks for your help!


On Feb 15, 2012, at 7:58 PM, Davide Alberani wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 15:39, Márton Szabó <> wrote:
>> First of all thanks for IMDbPY it works great.
> Thanks. :-)
>> I wanted to play with the IMDB UNIX search programs, that can be found here:
> Wow!  They are a little... demodé. :-)
> I don't really expect them to work on a recent set of data:
> since some time all the titles in the plain text data files
> are listed in the "The Title" format, while previously they
> were "Title, The".
> We supported the output of moviedb up to IMDbPY 4.1,
> after that the changes were so many that it was no more
> worth the effort (and the 'sql' method works much better).
>> I was able to compile the programs, but I couldn't create the databases.
>> Lots of .list files failed to convert to .data/.names/.titles files with
>> error codes like these:
>> /usr/local/moviedb-3.24/etc/mkdb  -movie
>> Adding Movies List...
>> make[3]: *** [] Bus error
> Here's the most important excerpt from my old README.local:
> ====================================================
> NOTE: the current (3.24) moviedb version is old an it was not
> thought with tv series episodes support in mind.
> It can still work very well, but you've to modify some constants
> in the code: edit the "moviedb.h" file in the "src" directory,
> and change MAXTITLES to _at least_ 1600000, MAXNAKAENTRIES
> to 700000, MAXFILMOGRAPHIES to 20470, LINKSTART to 1000000
> and MAXBIOENTRIES to 500000.
> Also, setting MXLINELEN to 1023 is a good idea.
> See for more up-to-date
> statistics.
> ====================================================
> You can read a complete copy here:
> The current version:
> If you need the other tools we developed to use these data, you
> can download IMDbPY 4.1 from
> but I guess that at this point you've changed your mind. :-P
> HTH,
> -- 
> Davide Alberani <>  [PGP KeyID: 0x465BFD47]

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