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> First of all thanks for IMDbPY it works great.

Thanks. :-)

> I wanted to play with the IMDB UNIX search programs, that can be found here:
> http://www.imdb.com/interfaces

Wow!  They are a little... demodé. :-)
I don't really expect them to work on a recent set of data:
since some time all the titles in the plain text data files
are listed in the "The Title" format, while previously they
were "Title, The".

We supported the output of moviedb up to IMDbPY 4.1,
after that the changes were so many that it was no more
worth the effort (and the 'sql' method works much better).

> I was able to compile the programs, but I couldn't create the databases.
> Lots of .list files failed to convert to .data/.names/.titles files with
> error codes like these:
> /usr/local/moviedb-3.24/etc/mkdb  -movie
> Adding Movies List...
> make[3]: *** [movies.data] Bus error

Here's the most important excerpt from my old README.local:
NOTE: the current (3.24) moviedb version is old an it was not
thought with tv series episodes support in mind.
It can still work very well, but you've to modify some constants
in the code: edit the "moviedb.h" file in the "src" directory,
and change MAXTITLES to _at least_ 1600000, MAXNAKAENTRIES
to 700000, MAXFILMOGRAPHIES to 20470, LINKSTART to 1000000
and MAXBIOENTRIES to 500000.
Also, setting MXLINELEN to 1023 is a good idea.
See http://us.imdb.com/database_statistics for more up-to-date

You can read a complete copy here:
The current version:

If you need the other tools we developed to use these data, you
can download IMDbPY 4.1 from
but I guess that at this point you've changed your mind. :-P

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