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> as many of you know, IMDbPY is in need of a revamp. :-)

A quick update: I've just merged back into master the many changes of
the "codename-simply" branch (which should now be considered closed;
I'll delete it soon).

The old version, suitable for Python 2.7, is available in the
"imdbpy-legacy" branch, and probably will receive very little updates
from now on.

Main changes:
- Python 3 support (and only Python 3: no Python 2.7 compatibility, sorry)
- removed the 'mobile' set of parsers
- removed dependencies: SQLObject, C compiler, BeautifulSoup
- introduced a testsuite, please help with it:

I want to thanks all the contributors, and especially H. Turgut Uyar
for such a huge amount of work!

I hope to be able to update the website and pypi tomorrow.
There are for sure many many bugs, please help and report them.

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