Thank you for your comments. This is very helpful. Please see short
comments below.

2018-03-12 17:12 GMT+01:00 Michael Reichert <>:

> Could you please use construction:railway=* in addition to
> railway=construction? The same applies to disused, abandoned and razed


Ok, got it.

> Your import page mentions railway=razed. Are you aware that some
> community members think that overbuilt railway lines shouldn't be mapped
> in OSM?

Yes. These razed/abandoned tracks have been in OSM for many years now in
Norway but so far with no objections. Will keep this in mind. I believe no
new razed tracks will be introduced with the import. The existing
razed/abandoned tracks belong to relations for historic railways and are
used for the live OSM maps in Wikipedia. Example:

> If the name tag of a railway line is just the concatenation of two
> station/place names, it shouldn't be added. name=* is reserved for real
> names and some features don't have names.

I believe all names are real, typically "Bergensbanen" and similar. Will
check a few sidings.

> > Your comments are welcome. The import plan will also be sent to the
> > Openrailway mailing list.
> I have not received an email from that mailing list. You have to be
> subscribed to that list to send emails to it.

I registered with the Openrailway mailing list on 7 March (and a couple of
times after that) but so far I have not been approved, so unfortunately I
have been unable to send the import plan to that mailing list.
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