Hi everyone,

Following the recent UK Shell stations import, I've got ahold of the entire 
NavAds dataset. A major part of it are fuel stations all across the world: UK, 
US, France, Germany, Australia, and many other countries. We have the full 
permission to use the data, it is very recent (we get updates monthly) and 
quite precise: all locations are manually tweaked after geocoding. It has fuel 
stations of major brands (Shell, BP, Total) and smaller, non-chain owners 
(ProxiFuel, Lotherol, Edeka).

You can see the numbers and check a few stations yourself at the validation 
website (it will be very slow, please bear with it):


I want to import this data to OpenStreetMap. Which means, to update tags on 38k 
fuel stations and add 21k stations not present on OSM. For that, I need you to 
have a look at the data. Of course it is impossible to manually check every 
object, and to do that afterwards each month up to eternity. But you can help 
check that tags are correct, that there are no duplicates being created, and 
that postcodes on objects are good to import.

The source dataset has much more information than I upload. For example, it has 
flags for grocery stores, car washes, restaurants in fuel station buildings, 
and I don't know tags for these. It has street addresses, but they need to be 
parsed, and that isn't easy ("62 Rue Du General Leclerc", "Pritzwalker Straße 
20", "Allée de Provence Bld Des Alpes De Haute Provence"). It has town and 
state and country for each fuel station. You can see a sample of the source 
json here, and maybe suggest on using some of the extra information:


Please be gentle. I know some of you despise large-scale imports, but this one 
to me is as good as imports get. I'd like to get it to completion, even if all 
that remains from the source data are the type and the brand name.

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