Hello Ilya,

thanks for the validation tool and the statistics you published at [1].
The Community has looked at 6% of petrol stations and found that the
failure rate is almost 15%. For professional data, I would expect a
value of significantly less than one percent. It is therefore
understandable that the German and French communities refuse to import
in this form.

This value unfortunately confirms the experience we have had in the past
in Germany with some undiscussed imports from SEO companies, including
Navads. These imports have therefore all been completely reset.

Two years ago, there was a big discussion [2] with the Senior Social Geo
Specialist from Navads. Navads realized that the quality of their data
did not meet the requirements of our project. In the following years
Navads probably wanted to commission some companies from the OSM
environment, but none of them wanted to put their good reputation in the
community at risk.

Now you have taken up this challenge, but your statistics prove that the
data supplied by Navads still show considerable deficiencies. It cannot
be the community's job to check and correct all this on a voluntary
basis in their free time.

According to [3], Navads supplied 240 thousand additional POIs in
addition to the petrol stations, i.e. four times theAnumber of petrol
stations. On the aerial photo, petrol stations are still relatively easy
to recognize, but what awaits us there above all: in what quality?

Before we discuss supermarkets, offices, craftsmen, etc. bit by bit: Can
you make the raw data of xyz generally available?

Best regards


[1] http://audit.osmz.ru/project/navads_fuel
[2] https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=53345
[3] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Navads_Imports

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