Yes, this is *Sedum ewersii* but I'm afraid there have been major taxonomic 
and nomenclatural changes in Crassulaceae.  Many higher mountain
Sedums are now within the genus *Rhodiola* whilst this is now *Hylotelephium 
ewersii (ledeb.) H.Ohba* - except I see this is not an accepted name
within 'The Plant List', so must check this out.  It was the name used by 
Dickore & Klimes in their checklist of Ladakh flora.

Stewart knew it as *S.ewersii* - a very common rock crevice plant, chiefly 
in the temperate zone @ 1000, mostly 1500-4500m.  It grows on the Rohtang 
Pass and I
know it from Ladakh.   

Collet did not find it at Shimla but higher at Matiana and Narkunda.

'Flowers of Lahaul-Spiti' record it (as Hylotelephium) as common on rocks & 

*I see there is **Hylotelephium* *pakistanicum* (G.R.Sarwar) G.R.Sarwar as 
an accepted name - this does not gives *H.ewersii* as a synonym but when 
google images is clicked various photos of the latter species appear along 
with a line drawing of it!   In FOP *H.pakistanicum* is separated on the 
basis of being glandular-hairy (and some other minor characteristics).  
Would need to check this further to see if such a separation is justified 
at species level?


On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 3:38:47 AM UTC+1, ashwini wrote:

> A friend sent me this yesterday. He found this above Triund on his way to 
> Ilaqa at about 3200m. I think this is *Sedum ewersii*. Please advise.
> *Sedum ewersii*
> Triund-Ilaqa, Dharamshala, HP
> 3200m
> 08-09 October 2016
> Thanks.
> Ashwini

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