Sorry for the generic title, i didn't manage to find a descriptive name.
We have logs with sensor data we want to push to influx db. Each of these 
logs is acquired using a specific protocol. This defines how the data is do 
be acquired, thus what has to be done while the data is being acquired.
So we end up with sets of logs where each set contains data for a specific 
Each log might contain more then 1 million datapoints. The timestamps of 
these logs might overlap, so that for a given time interval there might be 
more then one valid log. Also we might have thousands of logs.

The question is now: What structure is best practice for storing this kind 
of data in influxdb?
Is it better to store the whole set in one series(measurement) and add tags 
to them so they can be filtered later, or store each measurement in its own 
series and simply add a tag that defines the protocol?

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