Loris writes:

> I have added a corresponding line to .authinfo, but there doesn't seem
> to be a variable I could add to the select method to indicate which
> account should be used.

There is, but the way people demonstrate mail configuration often
obscures this.

The point is that that the string after "machine" does NOT have to be
the hostname of the server. It can be anything, as long as it matches
your configuration of the nnimap server in Gnus.

So you could have something like:

  (setq gnus-secondary-select-methods
           (nnimap "one"
                   (nnimap-address "imap.gmail.com"))
           (nnimap "other"
                   (nnimap-address "imap.gmail.com"))))

in your .gnus, and in .authinfo you would match those up with:

  machine one login someth...@gmail.com password "verysecret" port imap
  machine other login somethinge...@gmail.com password "alsosecret" port imap

Hope this helps.

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