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> Ted writes:
>> On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 10:17:25 +0200 a...@koldfront.dk (Adam Sjøgren) wrote: 
>> AS> So you could have something like:
>> ...
>> :) This is basically what I wrote in
>> (info "(auth) Multiple GMail accounts with Gnus")
> I can't find that info-page in my Emacs. Maybe it is too old? (GNU Emacs
> 24.5.1)

I'm on 24.4.1, where the page probably exists even less.  However, even
if it did exist, wouldn't it be better to call it "Multiple accounts on
the same server with Gnus" if it doesn't just apply to Gmail? 

>> Do you think that page should be expanded? Or maybe linked from the Gnus
>> docs? It seems to keep tripping people up.
> Who reads the documentation?
> I think the only way to avoid these questions is to change every example
> and every tutorial to _not_ use the hostname of the mail server as the
> name of the server in Gnus.
> I don't think it is realistic to do that. Anyway, we need something to
> talk about here as well :-)

Yeah, that ole internet thing sure does need fixin'.

But before I do that, I still have the problem that I can only access
one of the accounts.  The same set of folders appear twice, once
each for the secondary select method entries "one" and "two".

I can get the folders of either account, but Which folders I get seems
to depend on the order of the entries in the .authfile.  So it look as
if, once the connection to the server is made, the connection for the
second account is skipped, because Gnus has already seen the server.  Is
that a possible explanation?



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