a...@koldfront.dk (Adam Sjøgren) writes:

> Start moving the articles in Gnus?

Yes, moving or copying them to the archive.

> 'B m' on the article and then enter the name of the group, something
> like, say, 'nnml+archive:2015' - if I understand what you want
> correctly.

Yes, the problem is that when I want to copy/move some article to the
archive and start typing in minibuffe, e.g. ’nnm’ then Gnus responds
with ’no match’.

Otoh, if I press ’^’, I see:

 {nnml:local} (opened)

so wonder what do I miss?

> (You shouldn't move files around behind Gnus' back, when using nnml.)

I read that nnml is not like nnmaildir in this regard. Thanks. ;)

> For reference, my configuration looks like this:


Thank you.


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