Le 9 août 2017 14:19:32 UTC+03:00, Aurelien Bompard 
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>Hey folks!
>Unless I'm mistaken, we currently don't have many useful technical

Hi Aurélien,

On a technical point of view I have no ideas, but would it be possible to get 
an extract of the number of messages per month per mailing list? I would like 
to see if this may help to have a hint about activity per local community. I do 
know some mailing lists are not hosted by fedora infrastructure.

I collected website views, appstream file translations, zanata informations and 
am working on extracting information from packages.

Maybe some information from mailing lists may help to give an overview.
I'll show my data to commops group at flock (there is a metrics workshop), to 
see if we can make use of it.

Have a nice day,

Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
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