2017-08-09 15:12 GMT+02:00 Jean-Baptiste Holcroft <jean-bapti...@holcroft.fr

> On a technical point of view I have no ideas, but would it be possible to
> get an extract of the number of messages per month per mailing list? I
> would like to see if this may help to have a hint about activity per local
> community. I do know some mailing lists are not hosted by fedora
> infrastructure.

Hmm, this looks like something that would probably be better handled by an
API call. There is currently no practical way to get that information, but
I've temporarily added two values to the HyperKitty API endpoint for
mailing-lists: "recent_threads_count" and "recent_participants_count".
Those are the values displayed in list summaries.

Example here:
(the last two values)

Would that information be helpful to you? I can consider adding more to
this API if necessary (as long as it doesn't result in expensive calls in
the backend).


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