Le 10 août 2017 18:29:07 UTC+03:00, Aurelien Bompard 
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>2017-08-09 15:12 GMT+02:00 Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
>> On a technical point of view I have no ideas, but would it be
>possible to
>> get an extract of the number of messages per month per mailing list?
>> would like to see if this may help to have a hint about activity per
>> community. I do know some mailing lists are not hosted by fedora
>> infrastructure.
>Hmm, this looks like something that would probably be better handled by
>API call. There is currently no practical way to get that information,
>I've temporarily added two values to the HyperKitty API endpoint for
>mailing-lists: "recent_threads_count" and "recent_participants_count".
>Those are the values displayed in list summaries.
>Example here:
>(the last two values)
>Would that information be helpful to you? I can consider adding more to
>this API if necessary (as long as it doesn't result in expensive calls
>the backend).

Thanks, for flock it's good enough, I'll try to script it to see if this can be 
of any use once I have all mailing list data.

I'll come back to you if it leads to something.

Have a nice evening,
Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
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