Quoting Michał Winiarski (2018-07-12 16:53:30)
> gvt_pin_guest_page extracted some of the gvt_dma_map_page functionality:
> commit 79e542f5af79 ("drm/i915/kvmgt: Support setting dma map for huge pages")
> And yet, part of it was reintroduced in:
> commit 39b4cbadb9a9 ("drm/i915/kvmgt: Check the pfn got from vfio_pin_pages")

As you pointed out on irc, this is a silent merge conflict between
gvt-fixes and gvt-next.

I've hopefully expunged it from drm-tip (probably not in the preferred
manner) and let's hope it disappears neatly on a future backmerge.
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