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Your turn to have been 'sleeping'......detergent allowing gas and water to be mixed, it was developed and tested extensively in Arizona by Rudolph W. Gunnerman.

Posted on KeelyNet in 1999, full details from a disgruntled ex-employee of the company.

And there was a thread on this very list only a short while ago about mixing various things with gas, from detergent with water, to tuolene, to mothballs, etc..


Wolfgang W. Scherer wrote:
A simialr methode has been developed by a German inventor years ago
 by mixing water - made lipophil with a small amount (%) of  detergent -
with gas or diesel - in a funace directly into the fuel line up to 40% improved efficiency were achieved and it was a very "clean burn" i think you have to start the process water free and add the water when the temp is up - easy done with a switch

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