Hi Jerry,

That's nothing,

Here is an invevention which will take you off the chair, a tug boat
which can dive under lifting bridges which have failed to lift.


My kind regards, Slavek

Jerry Decker - KN wrote:
> Hola Folks!
> If you've not yet seen this photo, do check it out. Looks more like an
> 'accident in progress' but several shots in sequence would show the
> truth of it.  I tend more towards the accident theory than a flying car.
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/01/23/flying_car/
> 01/25/06 - Google Earth catches flying car
> (Could just be a car wreck in progress, need sequential photos of the
> entire process. - JWD)
> According to our Oz photo interpretation bureau (Clinton Bird), the
> vehicle in question is at an altitude of three of four metres and doing
> about 80 knots (92mph).
> Which rules out a rocket-powered project, and we can see no evidence of
> the Wankel-powered turbofan outrigger engines favoured by the Moller
> Corporation.
> Which leaves just one possible explantion: the Aussies have developed a
> gravity-busting hyperdrive, have bolted it into a second-hand Holden,
> and are seen here in the split second before their X-Motor made the
> transdimensional leap to hyper light speed.
> For those of you still doing it by hand, try Honour Avenue, Point
> Walter, Perth.
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