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> Class implementations
> As somebody wrote already, this refactoring already exists.
> While debugging the values of variables are displayed inside the text editor, 
> in light gray
> You can hover the variables and see the current value.
> Some signals are hard to find, for example the "click()" signal from QButton 
> comes from QAbstractButton.
> See http://s1.webmshare.com/JrdbJ.webm <http://s1.webmshare.com/JrdbJ.webm>
> Search! (like spotlight search with just one shortcut key to open file or go 
> to a particular location in your code):
> You mean like when you press ctrl-k in QtCreator which allows you to go to 
> any class, file, method, or such just by typing its first few letters ? 

it only searches for filenames, thats not what I meant only, if you could 
checkout any jetbrains product, you’ll see the huge difference.

You only offer mostly workarounds which are not the same. debugging values for 
instance; yes we can also see the values in the debug windows if we’d like to 
but its not the same, when it is shown inline you just need to look no other 
action required. QtCreator is not user friendly, its not designed in a user 
centric way. you always have to do ~3x more action to do the same things in 
QtCreator compared to modern IDEs.
A good IDE (I think) should avoid to make its users have to take their hand off 
the keyboard to reach the mouse or touchpad as much as possible, to do this you 
should have a perfect keybord shortcut system, which also should avoid to make 
its users to have multiple keystrokes (double esc and then something more etc.)
Jetbrains products are really engineered very well on their UI/UX part, if we 
can not have/afford an experienced UI/UX team of professionals then at least we 
should inspect what they (jetbrains and/or others) have done and learn from 
them then apply to QtCreator maybe?

Emre Beşirik

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