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> it only searches for filenames, thats not what I meant only, if you could
> checkout any jetbrains product, you’ll see the huge difference.

No it does not.
If you type :
"c NameOfMyClass"
it will look for a class.

If you type :
"m aMethodName"
it will look for a method.

If you type:
"git commit"
 it will open the graphical commit window.

If you type :
"? QPushButton"
it will open the help for QPushButton


> Jetbrains products are really engineered very well on their UI/UX part,
if we can not have/afford an experienced UI/UX team of professionals then
at least we should inspect what they (jetbrains and/or others) have done
and learn from them then apply to QtCreator maybe?

This I agree with.
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