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On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 1:49 PM, Curtis Mitch 
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> I’m sorry to say this but QtCreator is actually eons behind the current IDE 
> trends and technology :(

> people are practically begging jetbrains to save themselves from QtCreator 
> (no offense intended but this is the case for many people)

> And I think Qt Company should just get rid of the denial of the world start 
> to see beyond horizon and do something, revolutionize QtCreator or just do 
> something like Google did for android studio and embrace/deal with jetbrains 
> ide and fork a CLion custimized for Qt development. I dont see any other way 
> :(

Hahaaa! I especially like the “I don’t see any other way” part. Fantastic. 
Also, very, very cringe-worthy. Telling a company it’s in denial because it 
doesn’t fork your favourite IDE is... ridiculous. It sounds like you haven’t 
actually attempted to properly use Qt Creator (e.g. by saying that Locator 
“only searches for filenames”), and don’t intend on putting in any work 
yourself, even though it’s an open source project.

Hey look I didn't start to offend anybody about their work, but just get some 
realistic here;

I’m not a Qt Creator developer, but if I were, it would be pretty funny to be 
told I was in denial. What are they in denial about, exactly?

1. Have you even try to read people's comments on that link I've shared? (Yes 
they are practically begging JetBrains)

I did read the bug report, yep. So what if they’re begging JetBrains? Rather 
than try to shame developers into converting one product into another, why not 
contribute specific features that you think are missing? Tell your friends 
commenting on that bug report that they can write a plugin for Qt Creator, and 
that it’s all open source.

2. Have you ever used ANY JetBrains product before? for how long? then you'll 
see there the huge difference between JOY of coding and JOB of coding.

No, and I have no plans to. I’m not arguing that JetBrains’ product doesn’t 
have good features.

3. And yes I don't see any other way IF you want to be part of the solution 
instead of being in denial!

Again, can you tell me what I’m in denial of? If I find something lacking with 
Qt Creator, I file a suggestion or fix it myself if it’s easy enough. That’s 
being part of the solution. Doing what you’re doing in the way you’re doing it 
is textbook “being part of the problem”.

"and don’t intend on putting in any work yourself, even though it’s an open 
source project."
I would put my work if it would mean something; trying to make such 
revolutionarising move on the existing QtCreator would practically re-writing 
it all from scratch while there are more convinient ways such as moving to 
intellij platform or just simply wrting a plugin for CLion maybe?

Why do you have to re-write Creator from scratch?

If you have a problem with the auto completion in Creator (or any other 
specific problem), file a bug report.

If you want there to be a plugin for CLion, write one. I’d bet a large sum of 
money that it’s not going to happen any other way. Plenty of external 
developers have contributed fixes and even entire plugins to Creator.

Emre Besirik
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