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>> On Monday, 4. April 2016 18:23, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>>>>    9. Multiple cursors (see the demo on SublimeText's home page - its
>> epic,
>>>>    and Atom badly implements it),
>>> Explain. Sounds intriguing.
>> It's better shown than explained, see e.g.
>> http://i.stack.imgur.com/TMRK3.gif and
>> https://packagecontrol.io/readmes/img/d346da37ce3d306f23f960f2a103fbc0f456
>> 2034.gif for examples.
>> This is the only feature I'm really missing in Qt Creator, and the reason
>> I keep Sublime open besides Creator all the time.
>> There's pretty basic multi-cursor functionality in Creator, but it's not
>> quite as polished as Sublime's. Really, you need to try yourself to see
>> how useful it is!
> Looks interesting, but I find it odd that that is solely enough to warrant 
> keeping another editor open, because you can easily do it in Creator. For 
> renaming instances of a symbol: Ctrl + Shift + R. For stuff like keywords: 
> good old find and replace! :p You can select a bunch of text first to limit 
> it to a certain block.

You know what I learnt from this thread so far? No one reads the
QtCreator user manual :)

Or I could be using a QtCreator version from the future or something :)


1) [Ctrl+K] : some_function ([column][space]some_function)

searches all (imported) symbols.

2) My QtCreator knows does the right thing when stumbling upon auto,
std::unique_ptr etc and I don't even know which code model I'm using. It
"just worked" for me til today.

3) When you use Alt+Shift to block-select you can perform block edit
like shown in the gifs above.

In Kate, KWrite and friends it's Ctrl+Shift+B to switch selection mode
and same principles start to apply there as well.

4) It's just brain-dead to suggest using a non-Qt ide for Qt. Qt is the
perfect framework for writing an IDE, irrespective of the language
you're aiming for :) JetBrains stuff is only performant in the expense
of a huge memory footprint and relatively longer startup time. This is
of course fine in the age of multi-gigabyte-memory SSD-backed developer
workstations, but don't claim that using Java is NOT a trade-off. No
JetBrains product will work as nicely (or at all) with given only the
resources that Qt Creator is using.

5) Saying "Hey I'm not trying to be hard on [some people] but they suck"
is not less insulting than a straight-up "You suck". I wouldn't expect
the community to fall for this. Come on guys, don't feed the troll :)

Dear Qt Tooling team,

Please ignore the trolls. You are doing a wonderful job. Enjoy the
spring in Berlin :)


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