> 4) It's just brain-dead to suggest using a non-Qt ide for Qt. Qt is the
> perfect framework for writing an IDE, irrespective of the language
> you're aiming for :) JetBrains stuff is only performant in the expense
> of a huge memory footprint and relatively longer startup time. This is
> of course fine in the age of multi-gigabyte-memory SSD-backed developer
> workstations, but don't claim that using Java is NOT a trade-off.

I agree here Java is not perfect, it has downsides but after initial startup it 
definetely pays of

> 5) Saying "Hey I'm not trying to be hard on [some people] but they suck"
> is not less insulting than a straight-up "You suck". I wouldn't expect
> the community to fall for this. Come on guys, don't feed the troll :)

No I really do NOT mean to insulting anyone, most likely the problem is that 
the team behind QtCreator is just no UI/UX expert, that doesn’t mean they are 
bad at their job! this is no trolling...
Keep encoureging previous generation stuff as good and denying improvements is 
no good to anyone.

Emre Besirik
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