On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 02:37:01AM +0200, Xavier Bigand wrote:
> I am using Qt for my day job,
> Our first difficulty with Qt is the release cycle that is really long and the
> difficulty to test the futur versions.  As we often need the latest features 
> or
> bug fixes, waiting 3-4 month isn't possible, and some times we just implement
> our self features or use workaround for bugs.  Alpha and Beta versions aren't
> accessible on the Qt maintenance tool that we use, and compiling Qt from the
> source is to much work for every platforms we use,...

I cannot follow this line of reasoning.

Binary downloads only help in setups without custom patches or without enough
expertise to run a git clone / configure / make. But you do have custom patches
and you do know how to build Qt.

Asking for more artifacts to be produced e.g. for Alpha releases increases
the pressure on the already difficult release process, i.e. has a high chance
of delaying final releases even more.

On the other hand you consider waiting periods of 3-4 months for a Qt release
already as problematic for your way of working. How does that fit?

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