Hi all,

I’m using QtBluetooth low energy API on Qt 5.7 / Android 5/6. Targeting API 
level 19 (android 4.4+).

My problem is that I cannot find a way to decide which of the BLE devices 
returned during scan is mine:

- The advertising data is inaccessible (no API).
- The QBluetoothDeviceInfo.serviceUuids() function returns nothing (apparently 
it’s for classic bluetooth)
- The QBluetoothDeviceInfo.name() function is null (empty string)

So the only information I have is the rssi (QBluetoothDeviceInfo.rssi()), which 
is not enough to figure out the scanned device is ours. Furthermore, I cannot 
show a list to the user to pick the device manually, since all it will have is 
the signal level (and perhaps MAC address).

Any ideas?

Kind Regards,
Prashant Vaibhav

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