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Similarly Healthcare.gov started off not Agile and ended Agile. Clearly, the problem isn't the methodology, it is your application of it.

You know, I can forgive most of the dis-information of your posts as someone wanting to be the high priest of a false religion, but this one is inexcusable. Most major media outlets were paid by their advertisers to spew that lie about Healthcare.gov. People who do absolutely no research repeat it and the naive believe it. This _has_ to stop.

Those media outlets had not been following the project since its beginning like GCN was. GCN called them out on it. To date I have not heard of one having the ethical or journalistic integrity to print a retraction with the same fanfare and billing as the click-bait story.


Contrary to your opinion, Healthcare.gov is a shining example of the faster-cheaper-splat that is Agile.

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