So, are you saying that the 5.10 branch has been abandoned.

No, it's been *closed*. There's a difference.

If it is closed then I assume issues will not be fixed.
I call that abandoned.

If so, I do not think the web site should offer it as a download candidate.

Huh, why? What's the rationale for this?

For me I saw it in a distinguished position (tip of the next-to-last branch)
and yet it had known issues which were not fixed nor would, apparently, ever be fixed.

I saw that 5.11 was on the tip and, therefore, assumed that
the latest 5.10 was good and stable.

It is.

If I may raise my voice for a moment...

No. It (5.10.1) is NOT good.

It immediately failed one of my regression tests.
You should have known there was an issue because I here it has been fixed in 

Fortunately I did not spend too much time blaming my code.
I submitted a bug report and was offered 3 patches which fixed the problem.

I think leaving that prominent, dangling version with known
issues is irresponsible.

Fix 5.10.1 (and make a 5.10.2) or take it away.

Back to calm voice...



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